What We Do

We help start pastoring of pastors movements in denominations, city-wide pastors’ associations and denominations. Some basic steps to see that happen are:

  1. A pastor who is passionate about healthy pastors calls some other pastors to meet and pray about beginning a PoP movement.
  2. This core group of key pastors embraces the vision of helping start a PoP movement in their context. If they are thinking of their city, they would seek representatives of the major streams (ex: denominations, movements, city-wide pastoral associations) of the church with significant influence over other pastors.
  3. This core group participates in the cornerstone one-day seminar “Introduction to the Pastored Life” (IPL) in a city, denomination or country where the PoP movement is established. In that process they connect with an experienced PoP mentor who can accompany them as they practice what they’ve learned.
  4. The core group begins functioning as a PoP group with weekly or biweekly meetings with the help of a PoP mentor from the movement they visited.
  5. After at least six months, they can invite a team of PoP instructors to do a simple IPL for more pastors to catch the vision and begin PoP groups. If they’re ready to see the movement expand in a major way they can do an IPL day followed by a second day for training instructors who will multiply IPLs in their contexts.

For more information on the importance of core groups and the role of the “Introduction to the Pastored Life, click here.