Who We Are

Pastoring of Pastors (PoP) was founded over 25 years ago in Brazil by One Challenge International missionaries, David and Debbie Kornfield. Beginning with a discipling ministry for pastors, the movement developed into pastoring of pastors with the name of MAPI (Mentoring and Accountability for Pastoral Integrity). In 2007, with 1100 pastors participating in small pastoral groups around the country, a second PoP movement was begun among denominations. With projects among thirty-five denominations, today that movement is the Brazilian Alliance of Pastoring of Pastors, the arm of the Brazilian Evangelical Alliance for caring for pastors. As of 2012, the PoP movement expanded to Spanish-speaking countries beginning with Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Columbia. In late 2013, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) asked David to begin a PoP task force to serve the 129 countries with evangelical alliances. In late 2016 Pastoring of Pastors (PoP) with the WEA began in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Cameroon.

PoP seeks to help pastors be healthy, understanding that a healthy pastor is the principal key to a healthy church which in turn, is the key to a healthy community or city. A pastor needs three small groups to enable him to experience Kingdom culture and relationship, expressed in the diagram below.