Pastoring of Pastors/Ministers

Understanding more about Pastoring of Pastors

  1. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Pastoring of Pastors (PoP)
  2. Why is pastoring of pastors so important?
  3. Biblical Base
  4. Definitions and models of mentoring and pastoring of pastors
  5. How can pastoring of pastors function?
  6. A proposal for applying mentoring and pastoring of pastors to your local church leadership, developing a (lay) pastoral team.
  7. Practical tools for pastoring of pastors and mentoring of leaders.

Observation: we respect and support churches that ordain woman pastors. At the same time, to maintain simplicity, we don’t always indicate the feminine along with the masculine when referring to pastors in general. Please understand in those cases that when we use the masculine, we are including the feminine.